Performance Consulting Projects

This section contains several artifacts designed for different clients and projects I completed during the IDPT Master's program. Have you been told training is the answer? According to Association for Talent Development (ATD), traditional training is only about 5 to 10 percent effective in obtaining meaningful performance results.  If people are underperforming in the workplace and it is not a skill or knowledge issue it is essential to discover the root cause of why people are underperforming.  

That is why I work with my clients as a strategic partner to find the root cause of my client's concerns and work with them to develop a solution that will align with their business needs by conducting a result-based systematic needs assessment.

Hopewell Industry

I worked with a partner to complete a Front-End Analysis for a non-profit company. We identified four critical gaps and the root causes that were hindering Hopewell Industries, Inc. from being able to achieve optimal performance.  Based on the gaps, our team made recommendations to decrease, then eliminated the four critical gaps and provided Hopewell with the tools to effectively measure and manage their processes. 

To determine what was causing a turnover to be 60% at Hopewell, my team and I viewed everything that was currently happening at Hopewell, compared to what it should be. Below are a few of the documents we developed to show the client what was creating the turnover.

High Performance Tire

Working on a case study for the IDPT 700 Performance Consulting class, I designed a prototype 30,60,90 day and annual performance review to reach High Tire Keepemrollin performance objectives, realize individual growth, reinforce the Keepemrollin values, and reduce turnover in the line foreperson position. I was able to use my HR experience to design a comprehensive competency based performance review for the case study as seen below.


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